Bobble Keyboard

Graphic Designer (Intern)

Marathi Keyboard

Bobble AI is a conversation media platform, with over 15 million user gained in less than 3 years of launch.Bobble AI is the first indic keyboard to integrate with Whatsapp and is the highest rating (4.6/5) android app. They have impacted over 25 million people through their service.

Bobble AI is a conversation media platform which founded on March 25. Bobble is the most viral and engaged keyboard App with over 15 million users gained in less than three years of launch. It's available on both android and ios devices .Bobble AI covers a variety of products -

  • Bobble AI Keyboard

  • Mint Keyboard

  • Malayalam Keyboard

  • Bangla Keyboard

  • Marathi Keyboard

  • and Many other Sticker Packs.