Creating Brand Identity

The brief required students to either create their own brand, organisation, event, service or to redesign an existing. I chose to work with an existing brand named Vipul Jewellers. It is a project based learning that focuses on the fundamental role that branding plays in developing the face of a brand. It also provides a thorough look at the exploration of basic logo making, visiting cards, letterhead, standee and the packaging of jewellery box. In this project, I redesign a brand design language with broad consideration of media-type across a variety of delivery systems.

Logo Journey
Final Logo Sketch
Final Logo

After several conversations with my mentor and my peers, I arrived at this decision. This is the final logo for the Vipul Jewellers. The letter V is the original of a brand and the arc above it represents luxury, which, if seen in whole, depicts a picture of a female neck wearing jewellery. This logo consists of two part, the letter V and an arc above the V. This style has an elegant and bold atmosphere.

Minimum Size and Isolation Zone
Minimum Size
Isolation Zone
Visiting Cards